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The beaches of Skiathos

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The more than 60 beaches of Skiathos are the biggest gift nature gave the island. We list the best beaches of Skiathos.

The one more beautiful, exotic or even greener than the next, this list of heavenly dwellings is by no means meant to stop you from discovering all of them for yourself, but it will definitely shore up your desire to go with the flow.

Private boat in Skiathos with captain

Kechria Beach

The moment we set foot on Kechria Beach in 2016, we fell in love with its exotic beauty.

The beach is covered with tiny pebbles, but what makes it truly unique is the green lawn you get to lounge on. It also has one of the most beautiful sunsets and a great place to eat lobster spaghetti called Tarsenas Taverna. It’s the closest beach to our OHLIVE Villas.

Kechria Beach Skiathos

Tzaneria Beach

Tzaneria Beach (also called Nostos, because of the nearby Nostos hotel complex) is a small sandy cove surrounded by trees. Located about 7 km south-west of Skiathos Town, it is very popular throughout the summer. Beach Bar Restaurant Baracoa perfectly captures the laidback boho island vibe, resulting in the ideal summer hangout for fans of luscious living.

Koukounaries Beach

Koukounaries is probably the most famous beach of Skiathos (and sometimes also the most crowded). It is also referred to as "Chrysi Ammos" (Golden Sand) because of its particularly fine white sand that appears to be golden in the sun.

View on Koukounaries Lake

Strofilia Lake or Strofilia Lagoon

Strofilia lagoon, in the south-west of the island, is located right behind Koukounaries beach. The beach is separated from the lagoon by a forest full of tall pine trees.

The lake reaches the sea through a narrow canal and is considered to be an ecologically crucial wetland. This means you’ll get to see numerous groups of migratory birds, including swans.

Lalaria Beach

Along with Hanalei Bay in Kauai, Copacabana Beach in Brazil and Whitehaven Beach in Australia, Lalaria Beach is often listed among the most awe-inspiring beaches in the world. It boasts an exceptional beauty with its huge white cliffs rising out of the clear deep blue sea. There is a rock to the left of the white sandy pebble beach that forms a natural arch and caves on the east side.

Lalaria Beach Skiathos

Agia Eleni

Agia Eleni, located at the end of the main road of Skiathos, is a beautiful little bay with an incredible view on the majestic mounts of Pelion. Its deep blue crystal waters and pine trees that reach the sea make Agia Eleni an amazing place to relax. The beach itself is quite small, so it’s never very busy, but still: try to save your spot in the morning because the sunbeds run out fast. There is a tiny taverna that serves excellent food and a couple of bars where you can enjoy your drink while gazing at the incredible sunset. Be warned though: as soon as the sun starts melting into the horizon, Agia Eleni tends to turn into a bit of a party beach.

Mandraki Elias Beach

Mandraki Elias Beach is a decent sized sandy beach just ahead of Mandraki Xerxes Beach. It’s perfect for families as as the sea is quite shallow for a long time. There’s a great little taverna on the beach serving delicious food and drinks. This part of the island is also quite popular among surfers, as it can be quite windy. There’s a wild roughness to Mandraki Elias Beach that you will surely come to appreciate as you walk through its gorgeous pine forest.

Mandraki Elias Beach Skiathos

Mikros Aselinos

The bay of Aselinos is about 13km west of Skiathos town, on the northern side of the island. Its long beach with thick sand and small pebbles is well worth the (day) trip. The area is beautifully secluded by the green mountain of Kounistra and surrounded by verdant hills and pine forests that form a unique natural setting. Because of its exotic scenery, Aselinos offers the perfect backdrop for romantic walks. There is also a small yet charming tavern with a great view of the sea.


Ligaries is a secluded beach with wonderful turquoise waters just in front of our unique BEACH Villa. It also has a nearby taverna that offers deliciously ‘simple’ grilled meat and even provides drinks on the beach, if it’s not too busy. And not to forget the Ligaries swing that you should definitely try out and is the perfect picture location.

Swing at Ligaries Beach Skiathos

Ligaries Beach and white Beach Villa

Kastro Beach Kastro Beach is a small secluded beach on the northern tip of Skiathos island, a refreshing alternative to the more popular southern beaches. It’s roughly 8.5km from the main town, but it will take you about 25 minutes to get there via the winding roads. There’s a small car park but it’s a bit of a walk to get to the beach. There are also some steps involved.

Kastro Beach Skiathos

Tsougria Beach

Aside from families, this island also gets a fair bit of attention from trendy young people. Tsougria Beach, which is actually a little islet across from the port of Skiathos town, is very popular among boat owners. Its DJ booth also makes it a great place to (throw a) party – as well as a boot service, so no need to avoid the temptation of going completely overboard as you surrender to the night.

Markos, our holiday concierge, will be more than happy to show you the ropes, so your trip to this lovely little part of the world can be as enjoyable as the sea is beautiful.

Sklithri Beach Skiathos


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