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Why ending your holiday on Skiathos...

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after visiting Thessaloniki is the icing on any traveler’s cake.

Choosing to end your holiday on one the islands after having spent a couple days exploring a busy city, is really all about allowing yourself to experience the full spectrum of emotions Greece has to offer. Skiathos is the perfect place for discerning travelers to land. The duration of your stay is of course entirely up to you, but be warned: Skiathos is known for finding its way to your heart, and staying there forever.

Bourtzi view Plakes area Skiathos

Ever since Seajet increased its number of direct connections between Thessaloniki and Skiathos, the two destinations are no longer independently popular. They have become intrinsically connected in travelers’ minds and itineraries as together they offer a picture-perfect sample of all aspects of Greek life.

Mandraki Beach Elias Skiathos

There is a lot to be said for starting your holiday in a town that offers such a unique perspective on history and a glimpse into how Greece will no doubt boost its international appeal in years to come. Welding its rich heritage into the Mediterranean warmth known only to people who have whole-heartedly ingested centuries of tradition, Thessaloniki is truly the perfect place to start discovering a brave world that is both old and new. As from 2024 direct flights from for example Brussels are announced as well.


Much like Athens, Thessaloniki is a great place to shop. From high-end flagship stores in Tsimiski and Egnatia Street to huge multi-brand shopping centers and local markets in Modiano and Kapani: there is definitely something for everyone to consume.

There is also a fantastic area worth visiting if you’re into vintage. On Dimitriou Gounari Street, known as Navarino, you can hunt (and gather) colorful, alternative or rock style clothes and accessories. Here’s also where you’ll find cozy little second-hand stores known for their eclectic collections of books, magazines, records and other collectibles.

The streets of Thessaloniki carry the aromas of syrup, baked phyllo-sheets and fresh butter, so treat your taste buds in the trademark patisseries renowned for their sweets.

There are several areas where the city’s vivacious nightlife comes into full swing after sunset. Our favorite is Ladadika in the old marketplace area of the harbor. It’s famous for its eateries, bars, bistros, pubs and restaurants.

All of this is guaranteed to provide you with great holiday sustenance, but at some point you will feel the need to rest and digest. Consider your trip to Skiathos an excuse to process all of the excitement, and if that’s not giving you reason enough to aboard your ferry to paradise, then allow us to be as precise as possible about just what you’ll be missing out on.

Most people start falling in love with Skiathos as soon as they learn about the fact that the island boasts more than 60 beaches, so there’s plenty of space for you to throw down your towel. This gem of an island combines Aegean views with pine forests, monasteries and picturesque churches.

View on Kechria Skiathos

How appealing do you find the idea of jet skiing, scuba diving and/or cruising on a yacht or rib boat? There are also about 200 kilometers of hiking trails and idyllic streams that will allow you to explore every aspect of the island’s beauty as you breathe in its fresh air. Skiathos takes unwinding very seriously and offers a wide range of activities that will have your batteries recharged in no time.

Skiathos sea view

Skiathos town

The Greeks love their food – and you’ll soon discover why. Anything from traditional souvlaki to gyros, to pies and delicious pastries and wines can become the apple of your eye for a mere €10 - 15 in a mid-range restaurant. If you’re a first-timer to the island, you should certainly try the freshly caught fish served in most of the ‘tavernas’ near the old harbor.

Mandrak Elias Beach Skiathos

Skiathos Papadiamanti Street town

But the real highlight of your stay will undoubtedly coincide with the moment you settle into one of our villas. Designed specifically for you to take in the heavenly nectar that seeps from the sun as it touches the horizon, you will feel what it’s like to truly be at peace with the world – and with the amount of shopping you did in a world that seems light years away from the earth you now dwell in.

Ohlive Villa II sundeck and pool

Our holiday concierge is more than happy to help you book your ticket to heaven. Just drop us an e-mail.

Skiathos town view


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