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This project documentation has been drafted as carefully and accurately as possible. In our joint effort to achieve an optimal quality of the villas, it is not excluded that small changes can occur, or potential deviations due to regulations or demands from governments and/or utility companies. We reserve ourselves the right to implement changes in materials and/or equipment used without impacting comfort or quality.


The sole purpose of the images, including the drawings, in this project documentation is to give you an impression of the villas. The drawings and images are in no way binding. Therefore, no rights can be derived from the drawings and/or images.

Drawings and renders

The development of a real estate project is a continuous process in which, as we advance in the process, the design and the drawings are further refined. The sketches (renders) and illustrations in this project documentation are in almost all instances a snapshot at a particular moment. Therefore, changes in altitudes, measures, location, conditions, etc. can occur. The renders show a sample of the interior, outdoor furniture and kitchen that is not binding. No rights can be derived from the sketches and plans.


The measures used on the drawings and plans are approximations, expressed in meters.

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