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We love Greece. We are passionate about Skiathos.
We cherish its nature. We adore its food.
And we are wild about its old olive orchards.
We would like you to discover unspoiled treasures.

Nice to meet you

Welcome to OHLIVE Villas, where the realms of exquisite architecture and serene olive orchards converge to create a harmonious blend of sustainable luxury. Immerse yourself in a world where nature and design coexist flawlessly, as envisioned by the acclaimed Greek architect agency, 3H Architects.

For villa buyers, OHLIVE Villas offers a truly unburdened experience. We believe that the journey of owning a villa abroad extends far beyond its construction. That's why we take care of everything from A to Z, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process for our valued customers. From securing the necessary building licenses to overseeing the meticulous construction phase, our team of experts handles every intricate detail. Imagine the joy of embracing the anticipation of your new home, while we manage the entire process for you. Our finished villas are meticulously crafted and equipped for unforgettable stays.

But our commitment doesn't end there. We understand that your villa deserves the utmost care and attention, even when you're not there. If desired, our dedicated team can take care of the villa's maintenance, ensuring it remains in pristine condition year-round. Additionally, we offer a unique opportunity to rent out your villa, providing a hassle-free income stream while you're away. Our experienced hospitality team will manage all aspects of the rental process, allowing you to make the most of your investment. 

For vacationers seeking an unforgettable holiday experience, OHLIVE Villas offers a range of meticulously crafted villas, each equipped with every amenity to guarantee an unparalleled and rejuvenating stay. Our dedicated hospitality team is readily available to cater to your every desire, ensuring that you savor life to the fullest within the refined confines of an OHLIVE Villa.


Discover true tranquility as our villas grace the serene and idyllic North-Western side of the island, in the enchanting Kechria area. As connoisseurs of breathtaking sunsets, we promise you unforgettable panoramic views over the mesmerizing Aegean Sea, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Indulge in the allure of OHLIVE Villas, where sustainable luxury intertwines with the beauty of nature, creating an oasis of serenity and refined living for both villa buyers and vacationers alike.

About OHLIVE Villas - the team

Markos Baunach.jpg

Markos Baunach,  operations and hospitality manager at OHLIVE Villas

Growing up on the island of Skiathos and returning to this truly magnificent island after working abroad, Markos is our Skiathos expert. Markos enjoys vividly showing guests and friends the beauty of the island from a local point of view and mister hospitality is his middle name. Watching dolphins from a boat ride is his preferred way to enjoy a unique day.

Georgios Lazos, construction manager and civil engineer

A true islander at heart, Georgios Lazos was born and raised on the enchanting island of Skiathos. As a key member of our team, he is committed to realizing our vision for top-tier project development. Leveraging his expertise and collaborating with the skilled partners at "Ohlive Villas," Georgios transforms magnificent designs into reality. His love for Skiathos is evident in his daily ritual of witnessing the sunrise over the Aegean sea, setting a positive tone for each new day. Additionally, Georgios cherishes moments of family dinners beneath the unique summer moonlight that graces the island of Skiathos.

Georgios Lazos

Molly Verbeeck, leading lady at OHLIVE Villas for construction and operations

Molly fell in love with Greece and more specifically the beauty of Skiathos. Skiathos overwhelmed her with its combination of rocks, forests, stunning views and many beautiful (hidden) beaches. Not to forget Skiathos’ dirt roads that made her new favorite car a 4×4 Suzuki Jimny cabrio. Most of all she prefers a boat trip around the island enjoys the sunset at Kechria beach with delicious fresh lobster spaghetti.

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