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We love Greece. We are passionate about Skiathos.
We cherish its nature. We adore its food.
And we are wild about its old olive orchards.
We would like you to discover unspoiled treasures.

Nice to meet you

Where award-winning architecture and abandoned olive orchards meet, we combine nature & design in a marvellous mix of sustainable luxury: the OHLIVE Villas designed by the internationally renowned and Greek architect agency 3H Architects.

OHLIVE Villas is a luxury villa development specialist constructing and renting out design villas on the green Sporades pearl called Skiathos island.


For both buyers and tenants, we make sure they can enjoy life to the fullest in a sophisticated OHLIVE Villa equipped with everything needed to have the best relax holiday ever. If desired our hospitality team takes care of all your wishes. All our villas are situated in calm and relaxing area, the North-Western side of the island (Kechria) and as we cherish sunsets, unforgettable panoramic views over the Aegean sea are always included.

About OHLIVE Villas - the team

Markos Baunach.jpg

Markos Baunach,  operations and hospitality manager at OHLIVE Villas

Growing up on the island of Skiathos and returning to this truly magnificent island after working abroad, Markos is our Skiathos expert. Markos enjoys vividly showing guests and friends the beauty of the island from a local point of view and mister hospitality is his middle name. Watching dolphins from a boat ride is his preferred way to enjoy a unique day.

Molly Verbeeck, leading lady at OHLIVE Villas for construction and operations

Molly fell in love with Greece and more specifically the beauty of Skiathos. Skiathos overwhelmed her with its combination of rocks, forests, stunning views and many beautiful (hidden) beaches. Not to forget Skiathos’ dirt roads that made her new favorite car a 4×4 Suzuki Jimny cabrio. Most of all she prefers a boat trip around the island enjoys the sunset at Kechria beach with delicious fresh lobster spaghetti.

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