We love Greece. We are fond of Skiathos.

We cherish its nature. We adore its food.

And we love its old olive orchards.

That’s why we restore these hidden treasures in their authentic beauty. Where award-winning architecture and abandoned olive orchards meet, we combine nature & design in a marvelous mix of sustainable luxury: the OHLIVE Villas designed by the internationally renowned and Greek architect agency HHH Architects.

OHLIVE Villas is a luxury villa development specialist constructing and renting out design villas on the green Sporades pearl called Skiathos island. For both buyers and tenants, OHLIVE Villas makes sure they can enjoy life to the fullest in their dream house or during their holiday. As the villas are situated in calm and relaxing areas of the island, unforgettable panoramic views over the Aegean sea are always included.


About HHH Architects

HHH Architects is one of the best-known Greek architectural firms with offices in Athens, Mani, and Skiathos. Their tasteful design embraces natural materials like stone, wood & glass. Playing with space & light, HHH Architects like to merge indoors & outdoors in a purely visual language. Stylish simplicity and comfortable luxury radiate the lightness of an island summer. Numerous villa projects of HHH Architects were already awarded international prices.

About OHLIVE Villas

At Ohlive Villas, you are in the capable hands of Molly Verbeeck.

Molly fell in love with Greece and more specifically the beauty of Skiathos. Skiathos overwhelmed her with its combination of rocks, forests, stunning views and many beautiful (hidden) beaches. Not to forget Skiathos’ dirt roads that made her new favorite car a 4×4 Suzuki Jimny cabrio. Most of all she prefers to have a brunch or lunch at Ergon and enjoy the sunset at Kechria beach with a delicious fresh lobster spaghetti.