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Sunset with olive tree OHLIVE Villas Skiathos

We love Greece.

We are passionate about Skiathos.

We cherish its nature. We adore its food.

And we are wild about its old olive orchards. 

We would like you to discover unspoiled treasures.

Welcome to OHLIVE Villas, where the realms of exquisite architecture and serene olive orchards converge to create a harmonious blend of sustainable luxury.

Skiathos is packed with pine forests, archaeological ruins, and - most importantly - sandy beaches. Sail around on a chartered catamaran or rib boat, hike to the dramatic medieval ruins of Kastro or wander around in the authentic town of Skiathos.

Skiathos has it all.

Welcome to

OHLIVE Villas Skiathos

Where you enjoy life to the fullest and discover unspoiled treasures in a quiet idyllic area of Skiathos island

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OHLIVE Villas Skiathos

Unburdened luxury for buyers and unforgettable experiences for vacationers.

Embrace sustainable luxury at our OHLIVE Villas, where refined living meets unforgettable moments.


Interested in buying a villa?

We handle everything from A to Z, ensuring a seamless process and offering maintenance and villa management services.


Want to spend your holidays in our OHLIVE Villas?

Vacationers enjoy meticulously crafted villas with dedicated hospitality, breathtaking views, and serene surroundings. All our villas are supported by our talented team of international concierge experts.


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